CATEYE ชุดไฟหน้า/ไฟท้าย SYNC

>>>>CATEYE ชุดไฟหน้า/ไฟท้าย SYNC

CATEYE ชุดไฟหน้า/ไฟท้าย SYNC



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A powerful main front light that’s the cornerstone of the CatEyeSYNC lighting system.

With 500 lumens and excellent side visibility, the SYNC Core gives you the power to see and be seen. Can be used alone or – better still – combined with other CatEyeSYNC enabled lights for unparalleled levels of 360-degree visibility, day or night.

  • 500lm
  • Compact and lightweight rechargeable headlight (500 lm)
  • Li-ion battery can be charged via Micro USB
  • Mode memory function
  • Versatile FlexTight bracket

SYNC Kinetic

A CatEyeSYNC-enabled light that increases your visibility as you slow.

With a built-in accelerometer that switches to burst mode as you decelerate, SYNC Kinetic gives you an extra level of defense. Use alone or in combination with other models in the CatEyeSYNC family for unparalleled levels of 360-degree visibility, day or night.

  • 50lm
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for Kinetic mode (Automatically turns on High mode when deceleration is detected.)
  • Mounts securely to the seat post with the rubber band (Ø12-32 mm)
  • Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
  • USB rechargeable (Micro USB cable included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Mode memory function
  • Battery Auto Save (The mode automatically changes to flashing when the battery power gets low.)
  • Main LED for visibility from distance