CATEYE ไฟท้ายกระพริบ TL-LD650

>>>>CATEYE ไฟท้ายกระพริบ TL-LD650

CATEYE ไฟท้ายกระพริบ TL-LD650


ไฟท้ายกระพริบ CATEYE RAPID 5, TLLD650

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The Rapid 5 includes the high power LEDs of the Rapid 3, but adds two more side mounted LEDs for maximum visibility from all directions.

Model : TL-LD650

Dimension : 104.0 X 22.0 X 38.3mm

Weight : approx 72 grams (with bracket and batteries)

Light source : Red LED X5

Battery : AAA alkaline battery X2

Mount size : φ12.0~32.0mm (FlexTight SP-11)

Other : Lighting mode memory function, compatible with RM-1 saddle rail bracket, rear rack mount and clothing clip (optional)