CATEYE ไฟหน้ากระพริบ ORB, SL-LD160-F

>>>>CATEYE ไฟหน้ากระพริบ ORB, SL-LD160-F

CATEYE ไฟหน้ากระพริบ ORB, SL-LD160-F


CATEYE ไฟหน้ากระพริบรุ่น ORB, SLLD160F,บอดี้สีเงิน/ไฟสีขาว

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The ORB pairs a sleek, compact design housed in an alloy chassis. The lens itself serves as the operating switch and is protected from inadvertent triggers while still allowing for side visibility.

  • Simple, compact and lightweight
  • Easy switch operation
  • Side visibility
  • Versatile heavy-duty rubber strap mount
  • CR2032 battery x 2
  • Long runtime
  • 3 modes

Tech Specs

Dimension: 26 x 26 x 31 mm
Weight: 26 grams (light unit and battery)
Light source: White LED x1
Battery: CR2032 x2
– Rapid flashing: approx 100 hrs
– Slow flashing: approx 100 hrs
– Constant: approx 50 hrs
Mount size: φ22.0~32.0mm